Panther LCD 3D printer, make precise printing easier

Panther LCD 3D printer, make precise printing easier.

Yidimu 3D is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and service. It mainly develops and manufactures FDM desktop 3D printers,LCD/SLA resin 3D printers and DLP industrial grade 3D printers, multi-functional robotic arm, smart VR camera and curriculum development and training in the Smart Classroom Maker Lab. Committed to the advancement of advanced information technology and business practices to customer use and business innovation activities.

This is a self-developed product with a mini design and a small footprint, but the print size is not small.

Through the anti-aliasing and concentrating design of the software, the printing precision is higher. The 3D modeling software is designed to save the 3D model as an STL file. In addition, the slicing software slices the model and saves it as a Gcode file to be imported into the TF card of the 3D printer. It can be operated by touch screen, which is simple and convenient.

The printed object has high resolution, fast printing speed, low noise, no complicated assembly, no complicated cost for manufacturing complex items, breaking the tradition, having unlimited design space, and easily printing out various real three-dimensional shapes with composite materials. The model, accurate physical copying, greatly reduces the production of waste by-products and has a quality assurance period of up to one year.

Our overseas sales are mainly distributed in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Central and South America. They are more popular consuming DIY semi-assembled 3D printer kit and cost-effective light-curing LCD 3D printers.

Our company has many customers, and we will also do some channels ourselves. The factory's own cross-border platform considers brand positioning and long-term promotion needs. In addition, it will make cross-border e-commerce channel production at different times according to the characteristics of e-commerce channels. The cargo plan optimizes the order processing process according to the change of sales data, pays attention to the international market, international relations, logistics cost and the service provider dynamics of the e-commerce industry, and provides feasible comprehensive sales service support for the customers.

The profit situation is the same as the whole industry trend. The e-commerce channel is based on customer cultivation and market layout to ensure basic operating income, and to improve sales profit with different positioning models and application areas.

The marketing team will increase the frequency of e-commerce platform activities online, giving priority to high-exposure, high-conversion platform promotion activities, and offline will participate in 3D printing professional exhibitions to meet the needs of professional buyers. The factory rationally allocates R&D and production resources on the basis of ensuring the quality of customized order services, and feedbacks the production schedule and order progress of each production line at any time, and cooperates with sales personnel to provide fast delivery and fast response service guarantee.

Yidimu 3D Advantages:

First, the basic qualification: The company has a production area of 2,000 square meters and a sales team of 20 people. It has a clear channel division and training system and advanced equipment CNC. It has a monthly production scale of 1,000 units, self-operated import and export, and has the export brand “Yidimu”.

Second, the new product supply: The new product refresh cycle is 15 days, the proofing speed is 7 days, and new samples and materials can be provided. The new LCD mask photocuring 3D printer is used to develop mass production technology.

Third, flexible production: support ODM / OBM mode, delivery time of 7 days, support mixed batch and drop shipping, FBA headway.

Fourth, factory certification: The company's mass production model has obtained CE, FCC, RoHS and other international quality and environmental protection certificates, and has Alibaba inspection report (SGS audit) to provide on-site inspection.

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