Yidimu 3D Printer LCD 405nm UV Plus Size 13.3 Inch drucker

It is designed to be very solid and durable with a clean appearance, the lower box is constructed from anodized aluminium the rest of the construction is made from CNC cut brushed aluminium sheet and plate. This LCD printer uses a 405nm UV LED as its light source.


Key Features:
Max. Height up to 345mm special designed for shoes size customization;
Large format printing size 294x165mm enable to print max. 6pcs midsole at the same time;
13.3 inch 4K High resolution LCD masking screen with the advanced technology;
Unique parallel UV LED light source array to achieve uniform light intensity distribution with smooth surfaces;
Optimized photoresin materials to match own machine settings with superior print quality;
Cost effective only need ¼ market price of SLA industrial 3D printer.


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