Falcon Pro 3D Printer 2K LCD 405nm UV Plus Size 10.1 Inch

Falcon Pro is designed to be very solid and durable with a clean appearance, the lower box is constructed from anodized aluminium the rest of the construction is made from CNC cut brushed aluminium sheet and plate. This LCD printer uses a 405nm UV LED as its light source.


Main Features of this Yidimu LCD 3D Printer Industrial Grade 

• High precision printing
X 0.084mm,Y 0.084mm, Z 0.02-0.1mm • More stable design, easy to level
Z axis rail deisgn for easily operation and leveling
•Dual air filtration
Purify odor, restore clear air, high filtration efficiency and low flow resistance
• Innovative resin tank
Large resin tank for easily cleaning and replacing • Offline printing
Support for printing by transmitting printing job file data from USB flash drive
• 10.1" 2K LCD masking screen with touch panel
3.5inch color touch panel, excellent interface, easy to select file printing and view the printing process
• Unique parallel LED light source array
using matrix backlights UV LED technology, with special light path design to achieve uniform light intensity distribution and improve print quality • Self-developed slicing software
Slicing faster than most commonly used software, the prints edge is soft and anti-aliasing with smoother surface in ultrafine details.

Specifications of this Yidimu LCD 3D Printer Industrial Grade Falcon ProHeracles
01-Product Name: YIDIMU Falcon Pro LCD 3D Printer
02-Build Volume: 215mm ( L ) x 135mm ( W ) x 345mm ( H )
03-Layer thickness: 0.02 -0.1mm
04-Build speed: 4.5-7.5S/Layer
05-XY resolution: 84μm
06-Light source: 405nm UV LED array
07-Material: resin
08-Operation software:CHITUBOX
09-Operation system: Windows 7 / 8 / 10, 64bit
10-File format: STL
11-Connection mode: USB flash disk
12-Touch screen: 3.5 inch color touch screen
13-Electricity: Input:100-240VAC ,50/60Hz Output:24V
14-Rated power: 110W
15-Working temperature: 10℃ - 30℃
16-Storage temperature: 0℃ - 30℃ 17-Product weight: 28.6 kg
18-Package weight: 31.5 kg
19-Product size: 325 x 350 x666 mm
20-Package size: 781 x 445 x 470 mm

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